Hello BlogLovin’! The Ultimate Guide To Help You Grow Your Community

bloglovin ultimate guide

As a new blogger, trying to grow your community in a very competitive world, can be an uphill battle.

We are always on the look for new sources to share our amazing content to create a solid presence online. Social Media platforms are usually our first choice to share our blog.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are among our favorites, but there are plenty more out there that can help us out to grow our community.

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One of this great sources to share your content is Bloglovin’.


What is Bloglovin’?

When Google shut down Google Reader, an online source to read and follow blogs, other platforms such as Feedly and Bloglovin’ became popular.

Bloglovin’ was launched in 2007 with one purpose: to enhance the reader experience. According to their website, today, Bloglovin’ has more than 20 million visitors from around the world discovering, sharing and liking our posts.

That’s a lot, isn’t it?

Bloglovin’: A Beginner’s Guide

I discovered Bloglovin’ last year and I love it!

With an aesthetic interface, ready to share posts, and a great searchable bar, Bloglovin’ is an excellent tool to help you grow your online presence and your lovely community.

Not only can you easily find blogs or people, once you follow them you’ll also get all their latest posts in one feed.


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Bloglovin’: Sign-Up

To sign up to Bloglovin’ is really easy, just head over to bloglovin.com, fill in your information, create a password and your are set!

bcd - bloglovin tutorial 1

Don’t forget to confirm your email to validate your account. Once you are in, you can begin searching for topics, blogs or people posting about what you love. Easy peasy!

To download the app, click here to download it from Itunes and here if you are using Google Play Store

Edit Your Profile

The image below is the user’s interface, where you can add your favorite blogs to your feed to ready anytime, anywhere.

bcd - bloglovin tutorial 2

As you can see, there’s a tag below my name that reads BLOGS. That’s because Bloglovin’ allows you to add your blog to your profile as well as including all your posts to share with the Bloglovin’ community in real-time.

But, first things first.

It is important to have a little bit of information about what you love and what you do inf your profile. For example, I decided to go with what Blueberry’s blog does: Tutorials, Blogging Tips, Printables, etc. which is similar to what my Bloglovin’ blog profile will show once I claim it.

Let’s begin!

BCD - CTA 2019

To edit your profile

  1. Click on Profile
  2. Edit your name and username
  3. Add a lovely profile picture – it can be your blog’s icon
  4. Write a nice About intro that can include your blog or business information to tell your followers what you like or what you do
  5. Hit save to each one
  6. Your are done!

bcd - bloglovin tutorial 3

Claim Your Blog

As you can see in the picture above, there’s a box in the left corner of your profile where it reads BLOGS – CLAIM YOUR BLOG. Here comes the awesomeness of Bloglovin’. Let me show you:

bcd - bloglovin tutorial 4

Once you hit the +Claim Your Blog, you’ll be redirected to a page like the one above:

+1 Type the URL of your blog or website on the bar and/or click it from the list

+2 Select your blog

+3 Bloglovin’ will show you an HTML code to add to any blog post to prove that you own the blog or website

+4 Select and copy the code

+5 Open a new window, go to your blog, and choose a post. (Don’t close the Bloglovin’ window)

+6 Add the text to the post (can be at the end)

+7 Hit update or republish

+8 You can create a new post and paste it there, too!

+9 Once you updated or created a post go to open window Bloglovin’ and click on claim blog

+10 Once you have claimed your blog and your feed appears in your blog’s profile, you can delete the code from the post.

This is what you’ll see once you claim your blog:

bcd - bloglovin tutorial 5

As you can see, your blog’s profile shows you your blog or website’s name, your URL and most importantly, your latest posts : ) That’s amazing because people can find you, read your great content, visit your blog and grow your community!

If you have a Bloglovin’ account, why not grow our community together? Follow me and I’ll be sure to follow you back!

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BCD - CTA 2019

It’s time to add Bloglovin’ to your site!

You can access your widgets through your Bloglovin’ blog’s profile. Once you are there, edit your name and add a description of your blog or website to show to your followers.

bcd - bloglovin tutorial 6

Scroll down until you see the Get the Bloglovin’ Button and click it, you’ll be redirected to another page like the one below:

bcd - bloglovin tutorial 7

Now, if you have a self-hosted website, adding the widgets is easy. Just copy the code and paste it in an HTML text widget.

However, if you, like me, are an owner of a free blog and you can’t add any code, I recommend to download the logo symbol packages.

Add the logo as a text widget on your blog and insert a link to your Bloglovin’ blog/personal profile. For example, if you see the Bloglovin’ logo in my blog, you’ll be redirected to my Bloglovin’ blog profile, so that you can follow me there too!

Well, my berries, this is it, for now. I am back after a few days of holidays and a terrible subsequent cold that had me under the weather for over a week : ( I hope you liked this tutorial, I am always looking for new sources to grow our community together.

If you liked this content, don’t forget to follow me on WordPress, like and subscribe to Blueberry’s blog to get the latest updates and exclusive freebies right to your inbox!

I have great news and I am very excited to share them with you : ) Stay tuned to discover what Blueberry Creative Designs has in store for you very soon!!

See you,



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