Blogging Hacks 101: Learn How To Use Mix To Grow Your Blog


There are many ways to grow your blog and your online presence. You probably have heard of content curation sites like Stumble Upon. These sites allow you to share content you have previously created, but they are not a social media platform per se. Their objective is to engage in a community where you discover and post other people content.

This post will explain what Mix is, its mission, a step-by-step guide, and how to use it to grow your blog. Let’s begin!

What Is Mix?

As you may notice, Stumble Upon no longer exists as it has merged with a new content creation site called Mix. is a site that has a similar recipe as the now inoperative Stumble Upon. proposes you a new way to discover great content tailored to your tastes.

What Is The Mission of Mix?

According to their site, Mix’s creators aim to connect people from all over the world, delivering personalized recommendations in a practical platform. Its elegant interface allows its users to organize their posts in different collections; thus, making it noticeable to other mixers who like the same topic.

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How To Use Mix?

Here is a step-by-step guide to use Mix:

1 – Go to or download the apps here for Google Play Store and here for Apple Store.

2 – Create a new account with Facebook, Google or your old Stumble Upon username/email:


3 – Like in Stumble Upon, you have to choose at least 3 interests, which you can change or add later.

4 – Once this is done, Mix will generate posts according to the interests you have chosen. When you are ready to save your favorite, just click on the + button to add it to your collections.

5 – If you are using the mobile version of Mix, create a new collection writing your collection’s new name under “Add to Collection” and you’re set!


6. Don’t forget to read the community guidelines and enjoy using Mix!

7. To update your profile on your desktop:
– Head over to settings
– Upload your profile pic and background,
– Fill in the information, and you are done!

Once you create your Mix account, your dashboard will look like this:


How To Add Your Mix Share Button?

Boost your views adding your mix button to your site, so that your followers can visit your Mix site and you can drive traffic to your blog. If you are using WordPress, I read that many social media share plugins have already added Mix to their list. For more information, you can visit Add This, Social Warfare, and Shareaholic.

Here is the tutorial to add your Mix share button to your site, enjoy sharing!

Another excellent tutorial I found was Fiction is Food’s guide to add your Mix badge.

How To Grow Your Blog Using Mix?

1 – Invite people who are part of your community, follow them back, and share their content. Are you part of Blueberry’s community and want to grow your blog on Mix? Follow me here, I’ll be sure to follow you back!

2 – Follow other people from niches similar as yours

3 – Share your Mix in your social media platforms. It will help to promote it and enhance your online presence

4 – Use unique names to make your collections eye catchy!

5 – This is important: I know we would love to share all of our posts to Mix in one go, but do not spam Mix with all your posts at the same time!

6 – Don’t just post your own content, add a variety of posts from other mixers to showcase your unique collections.
+ Here is the rule: you should post about 20% of your content and 80% of other people’s content.

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Mix In A Nutshell

As a new blogger, I think that Mix is another way to help increase our blog traffic. It does not guarantee that we will have an enormous amount of visitors but at least our blog will make itself known in the online community and we will have the opportunity to discover great blogs and bloggers!

At the moment, Mix is not so well known because is relatively new. Hopefully, this post gives you an insight about a new platform to discover and share content you love.

This is it for now, follow me on Mix @ to grow our community together!



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