Pinterest 101: How to Brand Your Board Covers The Easy Way


Pinterest is a website that helps you find and organize ideas and other interesting things in boards like you’d do if you have a scrap book. When we find something we like, we “Pin” it for later: recipes, tutorials, animations, travel destinations, etc.

Over the years Pinterest has evolved from a platform for users to collect and Pin, to a powerful tool for bloggers and businesses to advertise and promote themselves to a potential audience. Pinterest can be an absolute gem when trying to gain traffic and attract readers to your blog or business.

Along with Twitter, Pinterest is one of my favorite platforms to share my blog posts!

Why Do People Use Pinterest?

Here are some ideas why people use this amazing platform:

+ Tutorials: If you are looking a “How to” tutorial to prepare a chocolate souffle, you can bet you’ll find more than one suggestion on Pinterest to prepare the most delicious souffle in the world. Not even Gordon Ramsay will say otherwise! You can also find tutorials on almost everything you can imagine…

+ Browsing: As a browser, Pinterest has become a new search engine where you can find almost anything! There is really useful information no matter the topic of your interest.

+ Research Material: If you are a professional looking for a step-by-step tutorial, printables or what not, Pinterest has it.

+ Freebies: There are many lovely people out there sharing printables, ebooks, tutorials, etc. If there is a topic you like, Pinterest will show you collections of similar things in your feed!

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Why is Pinterest so Appealing to The Masses?

Pinterest is an excellent source to broaden your social media presence with potential traffic towards your blog or website. Moreover, it’s a great way to tell your story in a visual way.

As you know, powerful images can create a lasting impact and send a strong message to your audience. Pinterest is a place to explore and discover trending topics, share your creations, and overall, to create a strong community of people who have your same tastes and preferences.

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Pinterest Boards: FTW!

If you are a blogger, a brand, or a business; Pinterest can be used to increase global awareness. This is useful when looking for potential customers, gain traffic to your website and boost conversion.

The magical side of Pinterest is that it is also a bookmarking tool, meaning that people can pin for later images related to a wide variety of topics, and save them on different boards. Bingo!

Organizing your pins on different boards allows you to browse them later as needed. The best part is that they link back to their original source, giving you the possibility of finding interesting articles and discovering a great blog or brand.

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Create Your Pinterest Board in 3 Simple Steps:

In this post, I’ll tell you an easy way to brand your Pinterest Boards.

Why branding?

Branding your board covers or social media profiles help your audience to identify you and your blog or business.

Creating a Pinterest Board is an excellent way to organize your stuff to make it easy for your followers recognize your focus topics. For example, if you are a blogger, you might find these kinds of boards:

  • Blogging Tips
  • Marketing Tips
  • Blogging Ideas
  • Business Tips
  • Quotes
  • Branding
  • Web + Blog Design
  • Social Media Tips
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Fonts
  • Freebies
  • Styled Photography
  • Productivity
  • Girl Boss

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To create a new board is easy, peasy!

Head over to your profile, and on the top left corner you’ll see a “+” sign like this:

Pinterest 101-1

Click on the “+” sign and choose Create Board, and voilà! You have a new board : )

Pinterest 101-2

Give your board a creative name and click create. Then, click on the pencil to fill out the description of the board topic and set the category (if required). I’ll tell you next time about adding collaborators to your boards to grow your community!

Pinterest 101-3

Branding Your Pinterest Board Covers

Now that you have created your amazing boards, it’s time to give them some love! Pinterest has changed their board covers dimensions several times; however, what works for me best in 2018 is a 500 x 500px image.

As you have seen above, I branded my Pinterest Boards with the blog’s logo and board title. Nonetheless, if you don’t have time to design them, you can find an amazing free stock photo that identifies your brand. Use them to brand your board covers and social media profiles.

To do this, just upload your image and pin it to your board:

Pinterest 101-4

Now that you uploaded your pin, go to your board and click the little pencil to edit the board:

Pinterest 101-5

Fill out the details about the board, click “change” where it reads “cover” and choose the image that you just uploaded. Click “save” and it’s done!

Pinterest 101-6

There you go!

Was it easy for you to create your new Pinterest Board Covers? Branding your cover boards boost up the look and feel of your Pinterest profile. It gives your Pinterest profile a clean and professional look.

Have fun branding your profile!

I hope you liked this tutorial. It’s the first of many to come : ) Let me know if it worked for you, I’d love to read your comments and suggestions if you would like to see other tutorials on the blog.

If you are out of ideas for your next blog post, check out these 75 Powerful Words to Use in Your Blog Post.

See you soon!



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