Write Down Your Goals for 2019: Free Bucket List Printable


2019 is around the corner, people!

2018 is almost over. With less than two months before the beginning of a new year, is that time of the year to have a cup of coffee (or tea) and to do some instrospection about our life.

Renowned psychologist Willhelm Wundt explained that instrospection is an observation of the conscious experience. He suggested that in order to achieve this, oneself has to think about their feelings and sensations and reflect about some of our actions: Are we happy with what we have achieved so far? Is there something else that we want to accomplish?

Interesting topic, isn’t it?

Well, to see the bigger picture, I think it’s ideal to take some time for ourselves to think what we have managed so far and what we want to achieve in the future. An excellent idea is to write down a bucket list. It is indeed a cathartic experience.

Was 2018 a good year for you?

Did you mark down some or all of your items in your list?

Me, neither.

My momma and I have this tradition: at the end of the year we write down a list of everything we want to accomplish by the end of the following year. Then, we put it on an envelope and hide it. On the last week of December, we open it and check what we have done and what’s left to do.

Well, I haven’t asked for a pony (yet) so that’s definetely out of the list (for the time being!)

Anyway, so far, it has worked great for us! With a few exceptions, the list has always been a reminder in the back of my mind during the year to get up and do things!

Wether it is something like reading 50 books a year (thanks Goodreads!) Or save money to go on a trip, having a bucket list is a great excercise to put in perspective what you want out of the coming year.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get to finish the whole list, the main goal about bucket lists is to fulfil different objectives with renewed energy. This will give you new challenges in life that will make you happy and content with yourself and with others.

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BCD - CTA 2019

What do you get with this Bucket List Kit?

This time I made two models of the 2019 Blueberry’s Bucket List in a watercolor floral theme that I hope you like as much as I do! If you want to add more printables to your collection, grab this lovely set of printables to write your notes.


I added lines and small circles for you check once your goal or is accomplished. You can even do a short and long-term list of achievements so that you can plan away your year or write down your goals for the following months.

Some Ideas for Your Bucket List 2019

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If you ask me what I would do with this bucket list? I would write down my goals for 2019 in a long and short-term list and put them into an envelope to be opened in a few months. Let’s surprise ourselves with what we achieved!

person typing on typewriter

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

My lovelies, all printables are for personal use only, print as many copies as you like for your personal use but do not share or redistribute any of the files – if people you know would like a copy, please direct them to this post.


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Download Your 2019 Free Bucket List Printable Here

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11 thoughts on “Write Down Your Goals for 2019: Free Bucket List Printable

  1. Nancy says:

    I agree with Wundt’s explanation. It is important that we reflect whether we’ve performed within our expectations. I like how you and your mother have a list of things you want to accomplish next year except you don’t have it glaring at you over the year. Thanks for sharing the printable!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    Liked by 1 person

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