Bon à Petit! Grab Your Free Grocery List Printable


Let me tell you a secret…

I love lists!  I like to write down everything so that I don’t forget what I need when I go shopping. I made this printable last year in my blog El Blog de Un Poco de Todo (my old blog, before I closed it.) and I was dying to share them with you here.

This grocery list comes in two models, I also added a meal plan printable to plan ahead your delicious meals for the week!


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The thing about grocery lists is that when you write down everything in a blank sheet of paper, you just end up walking up and down the aisles of the supermarket like a lost puppy and end up buying something else (it happened to me a million times already!)

BCD - CTA 2019

Because one cannot go without the other, I also made a meal plan with the same theme so you can jot down in advance your meals for the week to stay on a budget or if you want to begin a new diet.


I know many of you may not use them, but when you plan ahead your meals for the week, not only you organize what you are going to eat, you save a lot of money and you don’t waste food. You can use this meal plan to write down ideas for a new desert you want to try, or to prepare a delicious dish you saw on YouTube, the possibilities are endless!

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Once I write down my meal plan for the week, I then categorize what I need in the grocery list, adding what’s left in the OTHERS category, therefore, I don’t forget anything and save myself an extra trip to the supermarket!

I haven’t read any books on saving money, but my amazing mother show me the art of home administration and with her guidance, I learned to save up money by organizing my needs in priorities and saving what’s left in a “saving jar”.

The theme for today’s freebie is flowers! So, I designed this printable with a lovely flower background in A4, A5 and US Letter for you to print as many as you want!

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Just remember, my lovelies, all printables are for personal use only, print as many copies as you like for your personal use but do not share or redistribute any of the files – if people you know would like a copy, please direct them to this post.

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That’s it for now my lovelies,

See you soon!



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