25 Insanely Useful Retweet Twitter Accounts That Help You Grow Your Blog


What’s your favorite social media platform?

Did I hear Facebook?

Did you say Pinterest? (I love it btw!)

Well, let me tell you that there’s one more that you can’t forget to add to this list: Twitter. It can be a great tool to increase your presence online: The Retweet. According to Lifewire, a retweet is a repost of another user’s tweet in your own profile to show it to your followers. It’s like re-sharing a post on Facebook or saving a pin on Pinterest.

With over 500 million Twitter users worldwide, when use wisely, retweets can generate an increase of traffic and followers. As your potential to catch the attention of million or readers from around the world could be humongous, so is the competition.

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5 Tips before posting to retweet accounts

1. When creating a new tweet, be sure that the link is correct and that they display the image as well as the title correctly.

2. Keep your analytics updated using your favorite link shortener websites. My favorite so far is Bitly.

3. Tweet regularly. The best way to keep your followers updated is to be present almost all the time. There are several free reliable social media automation tools that can be your guardian angel in this digital wild world.

4. Engagement. Take some time to retweet as well some of the tweets that you liked the most during the day. It will create a steady flow of communications with your readers and potential followers.

5. Less is More. You don’t want to overwhelm your readers with 10 retweets accounts added to a “Happy Monday” tweets.

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BCD - CTA 2019

In my quest to gain more presence online, I was blessed to find these amazing accounts to add when tweeting. Without further ado, these are my favourites:

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25 Insanely useful retweet accounts



























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15 Most popular #Hashtags to get likes & retweets

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Deciding which hashtag is best to grow your community depends on the kind of content you are sharing. Some hashtags are more popular than others, you can check what’s trending to adapt it to your content. For example, tweetplers displays currently trending hashtags from around the world. If you prefer, you can choose a specific country to attract readers from a certain area.


#lbloggers (lifestyle bloggers)

#fbloggers (female bloggers)

#bbloggers (beauty bloggers)












I hope you find this post useful, my lovelies!

Let’s support each other & grow our community together! My twitter account is @BlueberryCreatD, follow me and let me know your Twitter handle in comments, I’ll be sure to follow you back : )

If twitter and books are your cup of tea, why not sharing your love for reading tweeting away these famous quotes?

See you soon,



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