52 Great Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

52 ideas

In my last post, Writing A Blog Like Hemingway: A Quick Guide For The Non-Writers, Ernest Hemingway explained that the infamous “writer’s block” is a temporary phase. But, what is a writer’s block?

According to  Urban Dictionary, one of the main definitions of writer’s block is a usually temporary, psychological inability to begin or to continue to work on a piece of writing.

Did you ever suffer from this form of stagnation?

If the answer was a resounding YES, then, this is the right place for you. You’ll see why.

Case scenario:

You are ready to write down your next masterpiece but there is no more inspiration or ideas that come up to your mind.

You start screaming: Where’s my Muse & I want Coffee! (Dramatic, I know)


I think your muse is no longer there and simply left the building without saying goodbye.


BCD - CTA 2019

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Like many of us, there have been examples where we want to start a new blog post, and suddenly we are out of words for what we want to express. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and do a little research about what could be some catchy ideas that will attract the attention of our readers.

Today, I am sharing with you one of the first blog posts I wrote from my old blog. Check out this article on How to Write Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles Your Readers Can’t Resist which inspired me to write down this compilation.

Without further ado, I give you the list of 52 Great Ideas For Your Next Blog Post, say Bye-Bye to your writer’s block! I made a printable copy for to you to download anytime!  


Say Goodbye to your problems!

1. {Poblem} Here’s how to fix it!

2. Get rid of…… in # easy steps

3. The best solution ever for…….

Promise a Result

 4. How to create the perfect…

5. # Tips to skyrocket your…

6. How to do…. like a Boss

7. # Ideas to improve your…

Quick & Easy Fix

8. How to… in # Minutes

9. Learn to …. in # easy steps

10. Learn to… effortlessly / Like a Pro

11. # Rules to …. in few minutes


12. The Essential Guide to…

13. The Step by Step Guide to…

14. The Ultimate Guide to…

15. How to…

The Classic “How To” Guide   

16. How to…. when…

17. How to… with…

18. How to Start… from Scratch

19. How to Make.. in # easy steps

The List

20. # Ways to…

21. # Ways to increase your…

22. # Habits That Will Make You…

23. # Tips to…

24. # Reasons to…

Useful Tips 

25. Begin… in # Steps

26. # Ways to do… in # Steps

27. Top # to…

28. Top # That you need to…

29. Best # Places to Visit….

30. What to Dress….

 Lifestyle Blog Titles

 31. Product Review

32. List of Things That Made You Happy This Month

33. Typical day in life in 10 photos

34. Top 10 of your favorite products this month

35. What Inspires You?

36. DIY Posts

37. Describe your ideal…

 Other Ideas for Your Posts

38. ……. vs. ……..: Which one is your favorite?

39. ……. vs. ……..: Which one is the best?

40. The Secret of…..

41. Did you Know…..

42. How (I)……

43. 2017 Bucket List

44. # Tips to Master…. {Topic of your Choice}

45. How to Create the Perfect…

46. # Simple ways to improve your… {Topic of your Choice}

47. What you need to know to…

48. The Secrets for…

49. How to Create the Perfect…

50. #…. Inspired by….

51. The Art of…

52. Why you should…

Download your FREE Copy of 52 Great Ideas For Your Next Blog Post here

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Did you like this post? Let me know in comments if you’d like a 2nd part to add to this amazing list! Don’t forget to follow me or subscribe to get exclusive freebies & more!

See you soon,



12 thoughts on “52 Great Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

  1. Sharon Lopez says:

    These are truly wonderful ideas that could be used for my next blog posts. I used some of these templates but keeping the ideas in one post is a great thing. I will bookmark this for future use. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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