Moving in ladies!


Hello, Lovelies

Yay! First post ever here in WordPress! I welcome you to Blueberry Creative Designs, a project I began over a year ago here, but real life was hectic and I had to leave my dear blog aside for the time being. It was then, that I decided to move my blog to my new wordpress blog because I wanted to give it a fresh look with this new beginning.

Do you want to know a bit more about me? Take a look here to read the origin of this adventure!

I am back now in WordPress, ready to bring you more freebies and productivity resources for your everyday life. Are you looking forward to grow your community? Then, stay tuned for more blogging tips and customized freebies to ease your way into this blogging wild world! It will take some time but I promise you all that I will move every post here from my old site soon.

Let’s begin this adventure together my dear #LadyBloggers & #PlannerGirls of the world!

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BCD - CTA 2019

See you soon,



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